No-Kill Dog Surrender


Dog Surrender

dog surrender

Perfect Match Animal Rescue understands that for a variety of reasons, owners sometimes are in a situation where they are no longer able to care for their dog.  We understand this situation is traumatic and emotional for the dog and also the owner.

Regardless of the reason, we are willing to help you!

Our goal is not only to help the owner through the situation but, even more important to us, make sure that the dog is safe and put into a successful situation.

If you are considering surrendering your dog please contact us right away.  We can help you!

Each year MILLIONS OF DOGS ARE EUTHANIZED — let us help you so  your dog is not a statistic!

Perfect Match Animal Rescue offers the following for owners considering surrendering their dog:

  • Low-Cost Dog Training for owners considering surrendering their dog due to behavior issues! Click Here for More Information
  • All of our dogs live a normal everyday life OUT OF A CAGE!
  • All Potential Adopters are screened!
  • Even after a dog is adopted, our rescue continues to be an open and easily accessible resource to Adopters!
  • Our rescue keeps in contact with Adopters and all updates we receive will be forwarded to prior owners if desired — In other words, if prior owners wish, prior owners can receive updates from our rescue to know how well their dog is doing!