Dog Training

Low-Cost Dog Training

We provide low-cost education & pet services (including dog training) to the general public in an effort to promote responsible & long-lasting relationships between owners and their pets.  Our goal is for the education and services we provide to hopefully reduce the number of animals that get surrendered each year to shelters and rescues.  These low-cost services are available to the entire general public because of the gracious professionals and people who work with our rescue that are committed to helping us achieve our goals.

Dog Training

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Low-Cost Dog Training by a Professional Trainer

The professional dog trainer /  behaviorist that works with our rescue is now offering his services in the form of  in-home 1 on 1 sessions to the general public at a reduced rate when you schedule through our rescue.  Furthermore, all proceeds will go to the rescue which allows us to rescue more animals and find them forever homes.  This is not a business for us so we are not looking to sign you up for a series of sessions or classes.  As a result you will learn everything you need to know in the 1st session. Our goal is to teach you how to correct your dog’s issues as quickly as possible.

Our rescue has worked with this expert dog trainer / behaviorist for many years now.  He is extremely patient, knowledgeable, but, most importantly, fast & effective.   He’s experienced and specializes in working with dogs that have behavior issues ranging from anxiety, fear, aggression, obsession, dominance, etc.  Therefore, he has helped our rescue with some of the toughest cases to rehabilitate and/or dogs that have been deemed “unadoptable”.  The techniques he uses truly work! He has never met a dog that he could not help!  He has proven results rehabilitating dogs of all case levels.  In a lot of cases he was the dog’s last chance.  As a result, are proud to say that each of those dogs are now in loving forever homes living normal everyday lives with their new owners.

Our rescue and the expert dog trainer / behaviorist truly believe that 100% of all dogs that get surrendered by their owner solely due to behavior issues CAN be prevented through proper education and training.  With the correct knowledge, instructions, and techniques by an experienced professional, all dog behavior issues can be prevented and ALSO corrected.  IMPORTANT:  This opportunity is not just for people who are considering surrendering their dog.  In fact, hopefully you are not considering surrendering your dog but rather looking to be proactive.  It is always better to correct the issues while they are small, so please don’t wait.  Even if you feel you have tried everything; we can help you!  Please, if you are experiencing any issues with your dog and are not sure how to deal with those issues, call us today for your FREE PHONE CONSULTATON.  OUR SERVICES ARE EXTREMELY AFFORTABLE!

Dog Training Issues you should call for:

* Aggression
* Fearfulness
* Anxiety
* Destruction
* Separation Issues
* Disobedience
* Lack of Social Skills / Not social with other dogs or other pets
* Issues with a new dog with prior pets
* Issues with a baby arriving
* Barking / Growling / Snapping / Biting

Your in-home dog training session will ALWAYS INCLUDE:

* Proper way to walk your dog
* Proper way to feed your dog
* Understanding dog needs
* Individualized daily structure
* Understanding how to read your dog’s body language
* Understanding your dog’s temperament / personality

Perfect Match Animal Rescue has rescued many dog with severe behavior issues and placed those dogs in loving homes thanks to this very special and effective dog trainer / dog behaviorist.  Therefore, if you are experiencing any behavior issues with your beloved pet please call our rescue right away so we can help you have your “Perfect Pet”.  In conclusion, you will be surprised how fast your dog responds to the training!

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Recent Dog Training Success Stories

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“The trainer came to work with us regarding our dog.  We can’t thank him enough for the lessons we have learned.  Though it will be work in the end our dog will be a very balanced dog and that is what we would like.  Our dog is so smart.  I know we will look to the trainer soon again in the weeks to come.” — Pit Bull in Philadelphia, PA


“The trainer is terrific; he manages a very challenging dog with ease.” — Labrador Retriever in Ardmore, PA


“My dog was tearing up pillows & woodwork and after one session, we had a new dog.” — Siberian Husky in Havertown, PA


“I understand so much more about my dog’s behavior.” — Pit Bull  in Philadelphia, PA


“The trainer did a great job with my 2 dogs. He even had them work out on his treadmill and took them for long walks outside. Therefore, we would definitely use the trainer again and highly recommend him.” — 2 Greyhounds in Bala Cynwyd


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