About our Dogs

Information about Our Dogs

Most of the dogs at Perfect Match Animal Rescue, prior to being part of our “family”, came from another shelter or rescue that needed our assistance.  In addition, we do accept dogs into our rescue that are surrendered by their owner.

All of the dogs at Perfect Match Animal Rescue receive individual attention and are thoroughly evaluated by a professional dog trainer prior to being placed up for adoption.  Once they have been cleared by the trainer to be adopted the dogs actually live with someone from the rescue until they are adopted.  They live a normal everyday life OUT OF A CAGE and exposed to the everyday environment.  This helps to socialize them with other animals, people, and the outside world.  We are extremely proud to say that all of our dogs are exercised everyday.  Furthermore, this allows us to provide a potential adopter with a complete analysis of a dog’s temperament and behavior.  Perfect Match Animal Rescue is extremely proud of its excellent dog return track record and we attribute this to the comprehensive system we have in place.

All dogs that are adopted through our rescue come with the following:

  • Spayed / Neutered
  • Rabies Vaccination
  • Distemper Vaccination
  • Negative Heartworm Test
  • Up to date on Heartworm Prevention
  • Up to date on Flea / Tick Prevention